Pampers diaper for newborn review

Friday, 21 April 2023

Pampers diaper
When my baby was still a day old, I already used Pampers diapers for him because it was the brand of diaper that his pedia recommended to him. I know that this sounds crazy but I was literally obsessed and excited to use a diaper while he was just still in my tummy. You know that this brand is very popular especially here in the Philippines and I don't hesitate to use it for him.

It may seem expensive for us mothers but we want the best for our children. I tried it out for at least two months and I guaranteed you that this diaper is very legit and works the best for every newborn skin type.

At first, I noticed that I am addicted to the smell of this diaper. Even if my baby makes a pee or poop, there won't be any bad smell because the diaper replaces it with its addictive smell. 

Yes, you won't believe me but the smell of this diaper covered all the bad odors in those areas of the baby, and newborns poop doesn't smell that bad.

I love how my baby sleeps well with this diaper and it has 12 hours of protection. It keeps my baby's bum dry and odorless. Also prevents bulk and sagging because of the new magic gel channels.

It's thinner and absorbed faster than any brand of the diaper on the market. Breathable and made from light materials to let the air flow through.

2x stretchy ears to make just a fit right and prevents leaks. All-around rash protection for your baby. Get your baby a Pampers diaper now and be a happy mommy, just visit Pampers and get a 9% off discount.

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