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Hover-1 Rocket 2.0 scooter 54% off

Friday, 16 September 2022

hover-1 Rocket 2.0 Electric Self Balance Scooter'
Hover-1 Rocket 2.0 Electric Self Balance Scooter's regular price was $129.99 and it dropped down to $59.99 when the 54% off discount was applied. You will save $70.00 for this item. This is certified refurbished but it looks and function like new. Available colors are green and pink. International shipping is eligible for this product. The seller also doesn't accept any returns. Be the first to redeem this offer before it will expire or goes sold out soon, kindly just visit eBay.

Product details and benefits:
- fast, upgraded, and powerful scooter
- with lightning design to give you a colorful look 
- zip back and forth at warp speed
- has a burst speed to make your destination in a short record time
- perfect for kids who loves to explore the neighborhood
- max speed is 7mph and the max weight is 160lbs


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