How to make money through blogging?

Tuesday, 20 September 2022

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 There are many ways how to make money from blogging, but I have the ideas that I used to make the most outstanding one.

The fact that many people nowadays work almost online but they didn't know that they can make really big cash using blogging and little do they know, they can work as little as they want to be too.

Having your own time without a boss but yourself your own boss has a big impact on your daily basis. Less stress, less hassle, and much less work.

I am going to guide you step by step on how to make money through blogging.

Let's hop in:

1. Affiliate Marketing is where you promote products and services using other companies in exchange for an income of commission. This is through making sales where someone clicked your affiliate blog post and makes a purchase that's how you will get paid.

2. Put ads on your website like Google Adsense, Mediavine, Skimlinks, etc,. When a visitor of your blog clicks the ads, you will get paid and also through impressions.

3. Sponsored post is getting popular these days. This is when someone from the company contacted you to make a review on their product and pays you directly to promote it on your website using your own word of mouth. This is different from affiliate marketing because the companies really pay you directly without setting up an affiliate link on your post.

4. Give space for the rent of ads on your website. Many website owners do this typically to earn money by posting ads from someone who wants to display their products and services. This is just an easy job for the owner of the website because you'll just leave there for a couple of days or months depending on the renter's pay and the owner's agreement.

5. Sell ebooks on your website. Simple yet convincing tactic for most bloggers who want to share their techniques by selling them. This is profitable and mostly makes a good amount in the long way of run.

6. Sell your services. If you are that talented then you can do work for others where you can earn money by means of working them. That's how you will get paid through your own sweat of providing services to your customer.

Think about it, if you will all do these things then you can earn money from blogging but there's an upside down too. You have to work hard in order to achieve the success you wanted on your blog. It takes a lot of time to gain traffic. You must have a work ethic by posting every day and sharing your posts on social media. Sometimes you might feel down but it is normal, you'll just keep on going on and on, and when you get to that high peak of the mountain then that's the achievement of your success.


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