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Why I used eq pants for my baby?

First of all, EQ Pants were not the first product I used for my baby when he was a newborn. It was Pampers and then I switched to the Sweetbaby when he was an infant and then Happy Pants but I don't like the thickness of the cotton that was being used on the diaper so I tried Eq pants. It was just a trial experiment for my baby if he would fit in or not on this diaper brand but I was amazed at how EQ didn't have a single reaction on his bum area. So I concluded that I must stick to the EQ brand rather than experiment with other brands for my baby. 

What I loved the most about EQ Pants is that it is very affordable, cotton cover, and are breathable. The thickness of the diaper pad is not that thin but just average. My baby's bum won't make that much sweat compared to other brands that he used in the past. When we changed his nappy every 6 hours there was no smell of wee-wee at all. I am very overwhelmed now that I found the right fit snug for him.

This review is just based on my experienced on my baby and it is not sponsored of whatever. The best thing you can do for your baby is to try and try until you'll get what you think is best for him. Don't be afraid of trying new things because that is how you gain knowledge and experienced. If you wish to try EQ Pants just visit EQDIAPER.


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