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Eq pants diaper for my baby?

Monday, 5 December 2022


eq pants diaper

At first, I was hesitant to use Eq Pants for my toddler since I got a bad experienced when I tried to wear him an eq disposable diaper when he was just a month old. I got the conclusion at that time that EQ products are the worst because my baby's bum got so many rashes when I made him wear those disposable plastic diapers. But as time went by I got to change my mind and felt that not all EQ products are like that. It's just it's not meant for my baby.

I tried so many diapers for my baby in the past and some of them are worth the price and some of them are not! As he is getting bigger every day and the expenses also increased so I tried to save as much money as I can. One thing that I've been looking for in a diaper product is that it is affordable, slim, breathable, and suitable for my toddler. 

I came across a post from my neighbor and the post was about the eq diaper that her baby wore at that time. She also shares how is it very affordable yet the quality of the diaper is good. So I buy a trial pack and tried it for my baby and the result is awesome.

My baby doesn't get any rashes and his bum is not sweating at all. What a convenient for me to get the diaper I want for my baby as well as save money too. EQ Pants are everywhere so you won't run out of stock, unlike the other diapers that are only limited to resources.

But yeah, maybe this works for my baby but not all babies are like that. They have different types of skin and some of them are sensitive too. So just find a diaper that is the right fit for your baby. I conclude that EQ Pants is worth the price to pay. Kindly check the eq pants diaper here!

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