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Parenting tips for toodlers

Sunday, 2 April 2023

mama and baby
Positive parenting discipline is what we aim for our children. We want to be a good example for them because their manners will depend on how we treat them day to day. There is an old saying that the good manners of a child come from home first because that's what parents should do.

Being a parent is not an easy job. We have to endure all of the changes in our child's behavior. Sometimes we feel so exhausted that we want to take a single pause or break but we can't do that because our children need us. The whole thing we experience is part of our growth to be strong and understanding parents.

8 Parenting tips for toddlers:

1. Always make a setup for a special time to read books and do it most often or every day.

2. Encouraging them to explore new things so they can learn on their own.

3. Have playtime every day with them.

4. Explain how things work in a simple convo so they will understand your words.

5. Be a responsive parent when they ask something.

6. Set a good example for them.

7. Being supportive always for them no matter what.

8. Setting boundaries for everything so they know what is good and what is not.

Above all of this parenting techniques that I mentioned above the greatest weapon that a parent can give to their child is their love and affection. Love and affection is the greatest thing you can share to them and nothing in this world can beat it even if its a huge amount of money.

Just take your time to discipline them and not force them to learn it right away because learning take sometime too. Be gentle because they are precious in so many ways.

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